Advantages of wearing a bikini

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1- The marks of the sun. A bikini, obviously, is a more cut-out garment than a swimsuit and can leave fewer sun marks. Obviously if we put on a very high panty we would also be covering the belly and leaving sun marks on our body.

2- Humidity. A swimsuit is always colder than a bikini since there is more fabric that covers our skin. When the sun goes down and we don't have another garment to change into, the bikini dries much easier than the swimsuit. In addition, they do not have a lining, like the vast majority of swimsuits, which makes drying much easier.

3- Being able to change it anywhere. If you are a cold girl or who tends to have many urine infections, the ideal thing is that you change your bikini or swimsuit every time it gets wet. The reality is that changing a bikini with bows is super easy and it's a super common practice that we all do. When it comes to a swimsuit, things get excessively complicated and it is impossible to change it in public without showing your naked body.

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