one-piece swimsuit must not be missing

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:1- Being able to use it as clothing. If we are girls who don't mind getting wet or our swimsuits dry right away because we go down to the beach at the hottest time, the swimsuit is our great ally. There is nothing more pleasant than going down to the beach at 10 in the morning and being able to go eat at the restaurant next door at 2 in the morning with the same swimsuit. You only need a sarong or a skirt and that's it. In most beach restaurants in the world they do not allow you to eat with the top of the bikini, just as men cannot go without a shirt. That is why the swimsuit functions as a body and is one more piece of streetwear.

2- Being able to play sports. Many times when we go to the beach we end up with totally unexpected plans. Like diving, jumping from a cliff into the sea, or paddle surfing... to carry out all these adventures, without a doubt, a swimsuit will be your best ally. It will not move from its place at any time, nor will it unfasten and you will feel totally free.

3- The necklines. After all, the bikini admits many possibilities. The shapes of the cup are infinite, as are those of the panties, but the swimsuit wins by a landslide. We not only have triangle, halter, strapless, sweetheart neckline, top... cups that are shared by both the bikini and the swimsuit, but also in the swimsuit you have the possibility of necklines both in front and behind. Being a fully united garment you can wear a neckline up to the navel, or on the contrary, up to the lower back and not come apart at any time. In addition, the lining of the swimsuits makes it a super strong and rigid garment with which you will feel totally safe. Is there anything prettier than a backless swimsuit?

We hope that these advantages and disadvantages of bikinis and swimsuits have helped you a little more to decide on which swimsuit to choose. If not, you can always do like us and choose a garment for each moment and circumstance:

We have done a survey in the office and most of us agree on the moments in which we use each swimsuit.

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